Just Accept It


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It’s been four months since the U.S. presidential election. Four months of shock or satisfaction, vindication or defiance, depending on one’s politics. It’s also been four months of watching “friendships” (I’m using the Facebook definition here) challenged, crumble or strengthened on social media. But of all the arguments and exhortations I’ve seen, the sentiment that sticks out most to me is, “He’s our president now. Just accept it and move on.”

Just accept it and move on. These are valuable skills to teach oneself, given that we’ll all bear our share of bad news, disappointments, and unchangeable circumstances. Depending on the situation, “just accepting” something can save our sanity and give us hope, leading to perhaps my favorite life mantra that, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Besides, accepting reality is a two-way street—and scores of advertisers have stepped forward to remind us of that. Double-click the photos below to watch just of few of a new breed of equity-based commercials.

Swedish Railways:


City of New Orleans:




Coca Cola:


First three images courtesy of Adweek.com. Final image courtesy Attitude.co.uk.